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  • President officially inaugurates the Islamic Centre area after redevelopment.

    12 June 2016 : 10:36

    President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has officially opened the newly developed marble area of the Islamic Centre in a special ceremony held on 9th of June. Members of the cabinet and parliament attended the ceremony. Addressing at the ceremony Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Mohamed Muizzu highlighted that with the redevelopment of the Islamic center piazza, thousands of people will be able to pray together. In addition he highlighted that the marble area can be used for various religious functions. In ...readmore

  • Completion of Kudahuvadhoo land reclamation, road development and relocation of Vaanee residents to Kudahuvadhoo project.

    04 May 2016 : 19:49

    In a special ceremony held 2nd May 2016 President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom commemorated the completion of Kudahuvadhoo land reclamation, road development and relocation of Vaanee resident project. The project financed by the government budget reclaimed 40 hectors of land area and was completed within 111 days and is believed to ease the need of land for housing purposes. In addition to this project, the developments of roads were carried in the island concluding with 6 roads with asphalt. Along ...readmore

  • President commemorated the completion of land reclamation of Meedhoo.

    04 May 2016 : 17:53

    In his official trip to South Nilandhe atoll President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom visited Meedhoo Island to commemorate the completion of the newly reclaimed land of the island. The project which was inaugurated in 2014 reclaims 17 hectors making the land area of Meedhoo 28.5 hectors in total. The project was conducted around the island except the harbor area costing 12.5 MVR in total. During his visit to South Nilandhe atoll the president also attended the ceremony held to commemorate the ...readmore

Past Events

Bandidhoo and Maaenboodhoo Harbor Officially Opened.

04 May 2016 : 17:24

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayom officially opened the harbor projects of Dhaalu atoll Bandidhoo and Maaenboodhoo in a special ceremony held on 3rd of May 2016. A total of MVR 52 million was spent from the ...readmore

Contracts signed to build causeway between Gaaf Dhaal Madaveli and Hodehdhoo, and habour extension in Gaaf Dhaal Faresmathoda

27 March 2016 : 10:32

At a special ceremony held, Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure signed contracts with Maldives Transport and Construction Company (MTCC) to build a causeway between the islands of Madaveli, Hodehdhoo and habour in Faresmaathodaa. Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu signed the contract agreement on behalf of the Ministry while Mr. Ahmed Faseeh, Deputy Chief Executive Officer signed on behalf of the contracting ...readmore

Tsunami Bina Maizaan Inaugurated

14 March 2016 : 10:36

His Excellency President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom opened the newly developed Tsunami Bina Maizaan today 13 March 2016 under the project to redevelop Male’ city west harbor area. President Yameen, First Lady, Madam Fathimath Ibrahim, ...readmore



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