HEP Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom officially inaugurated the new harbor of Lhaviyani Atoll Naifaru.

31 August 2018 : 16:41

During his official visit, the president inaugurated the new Harbor Lh. Naifaru. The harbor at Naifaru is the biggest harbor built under the governance of HEP Yameen. Under the two phase project, harbor phase 1 was done for 70 million rufiyaa. Under this project a 353 meter breakwater, 70 meter revetment was made along with pavement, and navigation lights. Under phase 2 400 meter breakwater along with 85 meter revetment was made. The two phase project was completed by 15th July 2018.
HEP Abdulla Yameen along with Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, Minister of Environment and Energy Thoriq Ibrahim and council members of the Island took part in the colorful ceremony held today.