HEP Abdulla Yameen marks the completion of 7 projects in G.Dh Thinadhoo.

11 September 2018 : 15:31

HEP Abdulla Yameen marks the completion of road construction, Islamic Centre, “Aabaadhee Maizaan” Park, land reclamation & shore protection, construction of 120 housing units, and shore protection in the Baraasil area of G.Dh Thinadhoo.
In the special ceremony held to mark the completion of events, the President revealed that the new 120 Housing Units would be given soon. G.Dh Thinadhoo is one of the islands with the most development projects held under his presidency.
HEP Abdulla Yameen along with Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, Minister of Environment and Energy Thoriq Ibrahim and Vilimale’ constituency MP Ahmed Nihan Hussain took part in the ceremony held today.